NYT and AU Won’t Cite Supreme Court Cases to Support Their Position The New York Times has joined in the chorus of disappointment over the House’s recent legislation enabling “houses of worship” to apply for National Disaster Relief funding from FEMA in the event their buildings are damaged or destoyed in any way. Similarly to… Read more

The Prayer that was Anything But It is no small wonder that as our secular government continues to find it’s feet outside of expressions of faith that a renewed kind of Civil Religion would rise. Example #1: The “prayer” given at Obama’s second Inauguration.¬†Myrlie Evers-Williams was the first woman to give an Inaugural prayer. That… Read more

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEBPJ4bh7Z4 When I question how religion intersects with politics in America, some are tempted to accuse me of being anti-American. So I can really relate to this excellent response from pastor and theologian, Greg Boyd. Boyd says that being Kingdom minded means being “trans-national”. He also says that the history of the Church is to… Read more

OPEN LETTER TO SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN One of my first most popular articles was my “Competition in Politics Hurts Everyone”. It was my attempt at a mode of public discourse I like to call “Constructivist”. This is one example of how I see “Constructivist discourse” being lived out. Here’s the text in case the photo… Read more

Make this 9-11 “Love Thy Neighbor Day” A while back I wrote a post with a snappy quote that said “You can’t judge a homosexual if you don’t love one.” I meant that. And as September 11 rolls around again I thought about it more.¬† Then I was reminded of this great quote that folks… Read more

GOD: And the Political Platforms With the Republican National Conference done, and the Democratic National Conference closing, everyone is all astir with the real meat and potatoes of what these two parties stand for… Actually people seem to care more about empty chairs, feeding animals, old and dead Bill Clinton jokes, and the color of… Read more

Separating Religion from Political Parties, Part One:Why Christianity Should Have Nothing to do with the Republican Party (or any of them…) This is the first of several posts I’m planning on why people of faith should not be joined at the hip with any particular political party. Paul Ryan would like for the voters to… Read more