In light of the HOPE2012 Blog Relay (that’s going amazingly… I highly recommend cruising around to read all the amazing posts popping up. Start here and click on the invites links at the bottom.) I thought I’d share some really positive stuff that inspired me this week and is church/state relevant. Two words: Zombies and… Read more

I was invited by the awesome bloggess, Melanie Crutchfield, to write on “Hope”. Definitely read her article on the Hope Blog Relay and her entry for Hope on daring to fail. In the context of Church/State issues, it’s hard to be hopeful. Honestly, the crux of my posts tend to be on the problems of… Read more

Do You Think Guns Should Be Allowed in Church? PREVIEW: This week’s post is on gun control and places of worship. Well let’s stipulate: Assume legal open carriers are at question. Should they or do they have the constitutional right to bring their guns into church? Better yet… do you think legal open carriers should… Read more

I just rediscovered Tumblr’s “photoset” feature. Pretty snazzy. So I thought I’d use it as a teaser for tomorrow’s post on the Higgs-Boson and why it’s important for the world and religion/state issues. You can add your own favorite Higgs-Boson Religion memes here too. Submit a photo and let the meme glory begin! Enjoy! “See”… Read more

Preview: “Legalize Love”

Preview: “Legalize Love” What does this have to do with Church/State issues? Stay tuned and find out on Thursday! That’s right, I’m going regular! I’ll be aiming to post something every Thursday morning, so plan your Thursday mornings accordingly. As they say in Germany: “Bis dann!”

This “quote” is running around the church/state blogosphere. There is a valid point here, but saying “Ministers should stop preaching politics” is wrong on many levels. Define “politics”. Does that mean churches can’t be involved with discussions about how local and/or state taxes affect their neighborhoods? Really?  Churches are bigger than their ministers. Churches far… Read more

There is this thing wrong in many of the churches that, because Church and State are separate and the State makes the schools, the Church feels itself absolved from any duty in the direction of education of youth. The State is permitted to mold children from the age of six up through the time when… Read more

Examples of Mature Christianity: Part 6

Examples of Mature Christianity: Part 6 About This Post I’ve recently been “virtually” introduced to David J Dunn. He’s an insightful Orthodox lay-theologian. He recently got published at the Huffington Post (go David!). Here, he writes clearly and succinctly why Christian anti-gay language (I would argue of all kinds) is very un-Christian. He’s a constructivist, pure and… Read more Examples of Mature Christianity: Part 6

artoftheunbeliever: Real Oppression vs Fake Oppression This is probably one of few moments when I feel a “fuck you” is totally appropriate. Somehow it’s exactly what this guy needed to hear.