Florida ♥’s Prayer in Schools

What's your take on the recent prayer in schools bill in Florida?

Florida ♥’s Prayer in Schools

Attached is the text of a recent bill passed in Florida. There’s a subtle uproar in the church-state-osphere about this, and understandably so. This bill allows school districts boards to choose “an inspirational message, including prayers of invocation or benediction” to be read at any “non-compulsory” student gatherings. This basically says “we’re going to pray here, and probably pray to the Christian God, and if you don’t like it, you will not be penalized for not attending — we actually encourage you not to!” I can’t image that this won’t eventually be overturned.

Senator Gary Siplin is quoted as saying, about this bill,

All I’m trying to do is allow those School Boards and those students who want to partake in this type of activity [the opportunity] to do that.

Here’s some outrage from Americans United for Seperation of Church and State:

Here’s some blogging-rage from Addicting Info:

Here’s the Miami Herald, who should be practicing journalistic objectivity, but can’t hardly keep it’s rage under it’s breath:

What do you think?

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