Freedom AND Safety

I believe we should choose freedom and safety and not be willing to sacrifice one for the other.

Freedom versus safety.

That’s what many believe is at stake right now; that we must choose between having either freedom or having safety. Some of that is rooted in a quote from Benjamin Franklin that is taken entirely out of context. Some of it is rooted in Any Rand’s hyper individualistic views. Some stems from an over-reliance and dependency on science as infallible or the State as benevolent.

What many don’t realize is that these are all ethical principles that require a lot of nuance and careful and gracious thought and dialogue. Instead, as is typical for our current generation, we use principles as sledgehammers to attack each other.

I believe we should choose freedom AND safety.

I believe we should be pushing for freedom AND safety and not be willing to sacrifice one for the other. Click To Tweet

This is a good read on why we should all be pushing for Freedom AND Safety.

In order to perfect society by balancing both concepts, one must dismiss his predilection towards viewing both as extremes… and wholly accept both as intertwined concepts. Only by doing so can one enjoy the benefits of freedom gained from increased rights, as well as be reassured of safety in an inherently volatile and menacing world.

Kavi Shah

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“Safety Versus Freedom: An Eternal Fallacy Unveiled in Modern America” by Kavi Shah

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