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Some called me crazy for releasing this plugin for free. It’s really that robust. For me, it was mostly my big experiment for getting familiar with FooGallery and all that it offers for custom templates.

Here’s some of the features you get with Owl Carousel:

  • All the great image size and border and hover effects of the Standard FooGallery templates
  • Set how many images per “stage”
  • Set different number of images per “stage” for different screen-width sizes.
  • Add captions onto the images
  • Link to FooBox with the full image size, or even a video url.
  • Add your own hash-links to navigate to specific slides from anywhere on your page.

And here it is in action:

[foogallery id=”2221″]

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All donations are used to support local San Diego nonprofit organizations. I donate my time to them for their hosting and web development. Your donations help keep their hosting free, and help purchase plugins or other web-related products and/or services to keep them going strong.