About Me

I was born…

Yes, yes. let’s skip to the good parts.

I’ve done a variety things, but through it all, I’ve landed primarily on researching, writing, teaching, educating, and equipping others. That’s the common thread between all the things I’ve been doing. (Check out my CV for details).

I started my adult life with passion for music. I realized quickly that I love music for me, but once music became an obligation I lost motivation. Arranging, directing, or teaching music became my practical way of incorporating music into my life and helping others.

I am also really passionate about religion, ethics, philosophy, and politics (specifically peace work). My Masters of Arts in Theology from Fuller Seminary enriched my worldview deeply. It also enabled me to teach Church History at European Nazarene College in Buesingen, Germany.

While in Germany I had the opportunity to help EuNC build it’s online program using a Learning Managment System called Moodle. I also had the opportunity to build the local church’s website — my first! Since then I’ve recognized and been enthralled with the power and utility of the online medium for education and public discourse.

From 2011 to 2013 I studied History at San Diego State University. I was thrilled to study under Edward Blum, Lawrence Baron, and Rebecca Moore. They were my reading committee for my Master’s thesis: “Religious Patriotism During World War I: A Tri-Faith Perspective”.

Through these years, I worked as a Web Developer to help fund my studies. I’ve been honored to work with McClane Creative, IFPDesigns, and FooPlugins over the last few years. I also served as Assistant Web Editor for the Journal of Southern Religion, from Florida State University, in 2014.

Currently I am Head of Support and Brand Ambassador at WordImpress.com. I really love this job. We’re doing excellent work in the realm of WordPress plugins and themes and I’m excited to be working with a team that understands and embraces the Open Source philosophy as well as business strategy and marketing.

One thing I really enjoy at WordImpress is working on Give. It’s our donation plugin for WordPress. How I WISH Give existed when I first was building sites for non-profits. Definitely check it out if you have a need for donations on your website.

Before all of those things, I am a husband and father. I have dedicated one section of this website to my family because a site about me is incomplete without them. Due to the extremely public nature of all things digital, that section will be primarily for musings about home life, family life, gardening, home brewing, and other things I love to do with my family.

If you’re reading this paragraph, you’re a real trooper. Thanks for being here. Send me a message through any of my social channels and say hi.

Matt Cromwell