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The Hope Lives Project is a site a few of us built for the purpose of rallying around our friends who find themselves in a really tough spot. By tough I mean having to choose between selling their home or discontinuing necessary psychological care for their daughter.

It shouldn’t be like this. We are an advanced enough society that organizations and leaders throughout the nation should be clamoring to sponsor this family to see their daughter made whole again. Yet, here we are, roughly 6 months into a long and grueling story and the HOPE that we sought to inspire on the outset is getting fainter by the day.

This is a complicated story, and for privacy reasons the details can’t and won’t be shared here or on the website I’m linking to below. But I can tell you this much — the Phillips’ are near and dear to me. They’ve had a deeply profound impact on who I am as a person. But beyond that — far beyond that — this cause is just. This care is necessary, this family doesn’t deserve this, this girl needs our help.

If it was in my power I’d pay the bill in full every month without batting an eye. But that’s not in my power.

But it is within my power to appeal to you — my readers. I feel like those I know, who come to my site regularly are hopeful people. You believe and advocate for the goodness in all of us. You are generous with your time and resources. Even for perfect strangers.

I’ve committed $40 a month to see the Phillips’ daughter restored to health. Can you match that? Will you trust in me enough to believe that I wouldn’t be using this medium unless the need was real and dire? Because it is.

Here’s the full story, as much as I can divulge. Read with an open mind, open heart, and click the link at the bottom and GIVE.

Can You Help Restore Hope for the Phillips’?

I have some friends who are facing one of the hardest decisions of their lives. Their daughter is suffering from a psychological disorder that is rare and almost invisible to most people. It involves how the child gives and receives love, particularly from her family. It may be hard to believe, but this condition ends up making normal life almost unbearable for her and her family.

She is currently at an intense, specialized, research-based residential treatment center—one of the only in the country that is equipped to treat her disorders. Because of the type of care she needs, and the nature of the facility itself, this care costs $12,000 every single month. It’s amazing they’ve been able to pay it up to this point. But they are running out of options and funding quickly. They may soon have to decide whether they must sell their house to continue their daughters care.

They are pursuing every angle imaginable to get this care paid for because it’s the only care that has a success rate for this disorder. They have been battling for months and months now with lawyers, insurance companies, and the school district and getting denied at every turn.

They need help, and lots of it. If you can, I’d love it if you would join me in supporting them monthly. We’ve been donating $40/month since the beginning and plan to give more as we can. Can you match that either monthly or with a one-time gift?

You can do this easily and quickly through at

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