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My daughter started kindergarten this past year. One thing she LOVES about school so far is coming about 15 minutes early to do “Running Club”. It’s a school initiative, but parents volunteer to give the kids popsicle sticks for every lap they run. At the end they turn in their sticks. When they turn in 100 sticks they get a necklace with a little plastic foot on it. Every 100 laps after that they add another foot until they get a “marathon” — a little plastic 26½. She loves getting the feet, but she REALLY loves just walking around the track talking and laughing with her girlfriends.

Somehow, my wife and I had this crazy idea that  should continue running club with her over the summer. Let me make something clear: I don’t run. I’d go into detail, but my amazingly witty sister already expressed virtually all my thoughts about running at her blog. You should read it… be prepared to laugh out loud in your workplace, crying and maybe pee-ing a little. It’s a good one. (oh, and by the way, she gets awesome comments on her blog… so… help a guy out here!)


So I decided I wasn’t going to do feet or whatnot, but wanted our daughter to have some incentive to do well. If we could do 5 laps every morning for 6 weeks, Monday through Friday, that’d be 150 laps. That’s pretty awesome. If she could do that with me, I’d take her to Disneyland for her birthday in October. Wow. That was motivation enough.

We have fun, I push her a lot, and it’s a MAJOR struggle for me to tell myself I should keep doing this, and talking myself out of it. I keep telling myself all the reasons why it’s good for me and then arguing against myself:

  1. I need the exercise (no I hate it. Really, really hate it).
  2. I could use a morning routine (no, english muffins and coffee is routine enough for me, thank you)
  3. I get to see my neighborhood (and the trash my neighbors leave on my side yard. See previous post on how I feel about that!)

It’s now week 6 of 6 and we’re going to make 150 right on the dot. I’m kind of amazed. And now, in looking back, I realize exactly why I needed to do running club. This right here:


I did it to be with her. That’s about all I really need.


  1. so sweet! totally worth the sweat and burning chest.

  2. Awesome!!! She will never forget that and will be totally grateful when she is in shape as an adult.

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