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starbucks-rainbow-cupStarbucks is Violating the Separation of Corporation and State

Should we let Starbucks, or Google, or Chick Fil’A, or Papa John’s regulate our morality? How can society get so inflamed over religious institutions talking about morality in the public sphere, but applaud when CEO’s and mega-corporations grand stand on social issues?

If you boycotted Chick Fil’A for their position on gay marriage, don’t turn around applaud Starbucks. I’m a supporter of marriage equality, and I think Howard Schultz has a right to his opinion, and his opinion matters a lot in the public sphere. But it needs to be his opinion, and not him using his leverage as a giant Corporate CEO to push morality on the public. Just as Chick Fil’A shouldn’t, or Poppa Johns, or Google, or Starbucks.

It is actually, religious institutions, on the other hand, which are responsible for talking about moral issues. They don’t need to be condemning, or hellfire speaking, but when religious institutions talk about marriage equality, or hetero-marriage, they are fulfilling part of their core function for society.

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