CULTURE WARS SUCK: Actually, yes, Jesus Did Die Because of Taxes This is why Main Stream Media sucks. This is a PRIME example of partisan hackery. MSNBC taking a swing at their twin, their conservative opposite, Bill O’Reilly because he made a point about the death of Jesus that doesn’t fit squarely into America’s Civil Religion. Watch the clip and come back. ….waiting… OK, this… Read more CULTURE WARS SUCK: Actually, yes, Jesus Did Die Because of Taxes

The Prayer that was Anything But It is no small wonder that as our secular government continues to find it’s feet outside of expressions of faith that a renewed kind of Civil Religion would rise. Example #1: The “prayer” given at Obama’s second Inauguration. Myrlie Evers-Williams was the first woman to give an Inaugural prayer. That… Read more When I question how religion intersects with politics in America, some are tempted to accuse me of being anti-American. So I can really relate to this excellent response from pastor and theologian, Greg Boyd. Boyd says that being Kingdom minded means being “trans-national”. He also says that the history of the Church is to… Read more

A Dedication to Chuck Colson This past Saturday, April 21, America lost one of the most intriguing men in recent church/state history. Who else can say that they were deeply and directly involved in  the political crimes of a U.S. president, went to jail for it, and came out “born again” and dedicated to making… Read more

No Dancing?! Really!? So I’m about a year and one million views behind on this issue, but I haven’t seen anyone gripping about the CIVIL RELIGION aspect of this yet. So here I come! Basically, there was an ordinance made that says that national monuments are a place for “solemn commemoration”. So, without a permit,… Read more Separation of Santorum and State Sometimes this blog basically writes itself. With a Mormon and a fundamentalist Catholic vying for the Republican nomination, blogging is like shooting fish in a barrel. But this post in particular just screams: “ChurchState Guy! Help us make sense of this Santorum guy!” Well, since you asked. Santorum here… Read more

A superb example of church/state cross-over that I and anyone familiar with the First Amendment would be appalled by. Classic American Civil Religion, vilifying ”the left” as anti-religious, using religion as a political vote-winning tool. I have a feeling though that the 400,000+ DISlikes this ad received on are from his stance on gays serving openly… Read more