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This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant How does religion end up affecting almost every level…

3 - No To Swine Flu Vaccine - لا لمصل انفلونزا الخنازير

How does religion end up affecting almost every level of politics!? I really don’t know. Today, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law today requiring parents to be “counselled” by their doctors about vaccines before being given a written vaccine exemption note.

But here’s the kicker. Brown ADDED a religious exemption clause to it. You DON’T have to sit through the counseling if you state you have religious reasons for not wanting vaccines. 

They could also go the route of the “conscious objector”, and only allow you to avoid the counseling if the church you are a member of has actual doctrines against vaccines, but even Jehovah Witnesses — who have STRONG beliefs about health care — are not ultimately opposed to vaccines.

So what does Brown actually achieve by adding this clause? Honestly, this sounds really demeaning to me. It’s almost like “the stupid is as stupid does” clause. We won’t bother counseling you since you’re a close minded, ignorant, religion-ist. I could be wrong…

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