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Political rhetoric that seeks to divide should be received with disdain.

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Via the New Yorker: GOP Religion Race In Full Swing

This article does a great job in chatting about how the GOP runners are each using religion divisively as opposed to JFK’s inspiring speech when he warned Americans that if they cast “the finger of suspicion” at a Catholic now, in the future it will be a “a Jew—or a Quaker or a Unitarian or a Baptist.”

I think one reason Obama won was because his rhetoric was filled with looking beyond what divides us and towards what unites us. GOPers are missing that boat by a long-shot. What do you think?


The article linked above references a really superb historical example of American civil religion being confronted by a religious politician in order to unite rather than divide. It’s a film called “A Foreign Affair” from 1948 by Billy Wilder. Here it is in full:

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