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This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant…Zombies win! Westboro Baptist Church is the bane of Christian…

…Zombies win!

Westboro Baptist Church is the bane of Christian existence. They perpetuate and promulgate the worst stereotypes of Medieval Christianity. They feed on sadness and tragedy. They spew hate and discord.

And all this in the name of God.

What has always protected them through some of their most horrendous protests is the First Amendment. The grand and foundational principle of religious liberty and freedom of speech rolled into a protective blanket for this blasphemous, bitter, inbred community.

I’m all about the First Amendment. It’s what I’m here for. It’s what allows religion to be religion in this country. But I’m ALL against this “church”. I’ve been stumped for legal or political actions that could be used to protect mourning friends and family of soldiers killed in the line of duty from their hate-speech. I’ve racked my brain for any kind of subterfuge that could protect mourning parents of deceased LGBT children from these flamboyant signs. In all my research, musings and discernment I never considered the most obvious solution: ZOMBIES!!

God loves Braaains.I’m so proud of these Zombies who have stepped up to be a mirror to the hate-mongers. They mock their overly serious “God Hates America!!” signs with “Braaaaaaainsssss!!!” The putrefied open-sored faces stare blankly at the Phelps family like a mirror. It’s rockin’ mockery that has been sorely needed.

We all should have known from the time WBC stepped on the scene that only this creative, joyful human spirit could nullify WBC’s sin and make it sport. The Constitution might protect their speech, but it doesn’t envoke zombies onto the scene to save us all! Only pure imagination and righteous determination could do that.

Of course WBC is still going to be around. They are a*&^holes enough that they’re planning to crash a prayer vigil for the victims of the Aurora shooting. But there are already plans for a human wall to be used to protect the gathering. This was done very successfully at a recent soldier funeral at Texas A&M.

So here’s to the human spirit and “Braaaaaaaaaaains!!!”

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  1. Westboro has only 18 members. Not even the family of the owner are members. Liberal media loves then. They put then on a pedestal to use as anti-christian propaganda. Why not ignore this small group instead of shouting to the four winds and putting then on national television?

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