Hire Me, Help Orphans


I’m a big believer in doing things locally as much as possible. Big believer in everyone doing good in whatever they are able. One thing I’ve been able to do for the past few years in invest in two really stellar local non-profits that are really amazing. Harbor Orphan Care is a local San Diego non-profit that functions out of Habor Church. Their whole purpose in life is to help see more orphans get adopted and more foster kids find families. They raise funds, they educate, they champion the cause — they ROCK.

The other stellar group is San Diego Refugee Tutoring (SDRT). San Diego is home to thousands of refugees, and hundreds more immigrate in every year. Many of them don’t speak the language, some haven’t seen a can opener before. Our hospitals and health insurance system is close to a Martian encyclopedia to them, and so, they obviously do not understand what their health insurance market review has in store for them. And… they have kids who enter the school system completely unprepared for basic English, Math, Reading — the basic and foundation for surviving in the U.S. SDRT saw this need and decided they would do what they could with what they had. They are a bunch of elementary and high school teachers who volunteer extra time outside of their jobs to tutor the kids once a week during the school year. They host Thanksgiving meals, give Christmas gifts, donate school materials, all with just their bare-bones budgets and little extra time. These folks are the Ghandi’s of our age, they serve the invisible community here that very few others are serving.

I love these folks dearly. I want to see them thrive. So I’ve built their sites, maintain them, designed their Facebook pages, organized MailChimp campaigns, tried to do everything I can to help them get the word out so they can operate and more folks can learn about what they do.

So here’s where you come in.

You hire me, and you benefit them. It’s that easy.

Your business with me keeps me in business and keeps them running. I’m also donating 5% of my profits every quarter to Harbor Orphan Care to help generate matching funds for potential families to adopt. You get to be a part of that. As one of my clients I’ll send you a quarterly update on all the good we did together with Harbor Orphan Care and San Diego Refugee Tutoring.

Of course nothings stopping you from heading over there and donating AND hiring me anyway! See, you’re good people. But you knew that already!