Guest Post: A Theologian Responds to Santorum’s Theological Attacks on Obama

Visit Outpatient Monk, he’s rad — he’s one of those crazy-smart, witty, sinfully enviable types of guys who calls me his friend. This was a FB post he posted. It took a couple words out of my mouth and added several paragraphs that I never would have thought of. Doug Harrison is an ethicist, Benedictine… Read more Guest Post: A Theologian Responds to Santorum’s Theological Attacks on Obama Separation of Santorum and State Sometimes this blog basically writes itself. With a Mormon and a fundamentalist Catholic vying for the Republican nomination, blogging is like shooting fish in a barrel. But this post in particular just screams: “ChurchState Guy! Help us make sense of this Santorum guy!” Well, since you asked. Santorum here… Read more

If I were Romney…

If I were Romney… The New Yorker does a great job of summarizing this week’s church/state scandal. Mormons believe that (1) only Mormon baptism counts for salvation (they’re not the only ones who have exclusive baptism beliefs… ahem, Catholics), (2) since that’s the case, the dead can be baptised “by proxy”. This seems innacuous until… Read more If I were Romney… Follow-up to my previous post about “The Pill and Religious Freedom”. How could I ever forget to include Jon Stewart in my list of important and informative resources on such a relevant topic… i just don’t know. His point is that regardless of the First Amendment implications, this does not equal religious persecution. I… Read more

VIA Adam McClane: Sweet Home Alabama?

VIA Adam McClane: Sweet Home Alabama? Adam is a friend of mine and this post about Alabama’s new immigration laws is really important. It speaks for itself, but I really appreciated his pull-quotes about people in a local congregation not wanting to extend the peace of Christ to the latinos in their own congregation. Wow!

“The Pill” on Both Your Houses!

So, the most recent roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (sometimes derogatorily called Obamacare) is to require all insurance policies to cover birth control without a co-pay. This seems great… unless you’re Catholic, of course. Catholics don’t “officially” believe in birth control. There are several other very conservative denominations who also equate birth control with pre-emptive abortion,… Read more “The Pill” on Both Your Houses!

Welcome! Say Something!

Welcome to my blog about religion and politics. I’ve been posting some random First Amendment type stuff for the past few months, trying to find “my voice” and see what topics seem most interesting. Now, I’m going live! I’ve invited a ton of people to come check it out. So, “HI! Glad you’re here! Say… Read more Welcome! Say Something!