Florida ♥’s Prayer in Schools

Florida ♥’s Prayer in Schools Attached is the text of a recent bill passed in Florida. There’s a subtle uproar in the church-state-osphere about this, and understandably so. This bill allows school districts boards to choose “an inspirational message, including prayers of invocation or benediction” to be read at any “non-compulsory” student gatherings. This basically says “we’re… Read more Florida ♥’s Prayer in Schools

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p0OMJbia4s Here’s the video they refer to in my previous post. It’s a really superb historical example of American civil religion being confronted by a religious politician in order to unite rather than divide. (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

A superb example of church/state cross-over that I and anyone familiar with the First Amendment would be appalled by. Classic American Civil Religion, vilifying ”the left” as anti-religious, using religion as a political vote-winning tool. I have a feeling though that the 400,000+ DISlikes this ad received on YouTube.com are from his stance on gays serving openly… Read more

Are Evangelicals a Threat to National Security?

Via Salon.com: Are Evangelicals a Threat to National Security? If, as Islamophobes argue, refusing to assimilate is defined as expressing loyalty to a religion before loyalty to country, then this data suggests it is evangelical Christians who are very resistant to assimilation. And yet, few would cite these findings to argue that Christians pose a… Read more Are Evangelicals a Threat to National Security?