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People Saying Nice THings

Matt is “one of the good guys” in my book. A true community builder and participator, he’s been a consistently clear voice in the sometimes murky world of WordPress. He doesn’t seem to shout, ever, but what he says, he’s thought about, and is worth reading, or listening to.
Joost de Valk
Head of WordPress Strategy at Newfold Digital
Matt is a highly-skilled WordPress professional with a deep understanding of the platform and the ecosystem. He has a true talent for understanding industry trends and how his work fits into the future of WordPress. He is passionate about open-source and the WordPress community.
Michelle Frechette
Director of Community Engagement at StellarWP
It is a pleasure to work alongside Matt. He takes the time to listen and prioritizes you even when you know his schedule is already overloaded. Matt has consistently great insight into business and marketing and puts his ideas forward in an easy-to-understand way.
James Kemp
Founder of IconicWP and Orderable

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