The Significance of WordPress Plugin Download Counts and How to Automate Getting Them

What’s the value of daily downloads for WordPress plugins and themes? And how can you automate getting them? Here’s my take.

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The Case for the WordPress Plugin Freemium Model

Despite increased competition in the WordPress plugin landscape, I’m still a strong believer in the freemium model and the power of the WordPress Plugin Directory. Here’s why.

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On Disparities Between the WordPress Community and Core Product Direction

How can we bridge the disparity between what WordPress is building and what we want it to be?

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How to Pronounce GIF

This is how and why I pronounce GIF the way I do. Have you ever asked yourself why?

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Empathy is the Best Anti-Itch Solution for Product Developers

Chris Lema says one of the biggest mistakes product developers make is scratching their own itch at their users expense. It got me thinking about how GiveWP started as an itch-scratcher too.

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The Medium is not the Outcome

Your tools are just that, tools, not outcomes. Don’t let your tools dictate where you work, how you work, or how well you and your team enjoy your work together.

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First Impressions: WordPress Full Site Editing and Gutenberg 7.7

Full site editing in WordPress is in development and ready for testing.

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A diverse team of people brainstorming over a laptop on a table.

Curiosity and Employee Supervision

How can I learn best from my team without them feeling like I’m judging them as their supervisor? Curiosity is the key.

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A diverse group of people in an encouraging huddle

You have a voice. Now you need accountability.

If you’re like me, you need good people around you to help keep you together. If you don’t have those people — for your own health and success — find them now.

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Don’t make time; set priorities

I’ve been working on changing my time management mindset from time-based to priority-based. Here’s what that means to me.

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