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After years working in the WordPress product business, I wanted to “open source” my insights and tips. My blog, podcasts, and newsletter are all designed to help you build a better WordPress product business.

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People Saying Nice THings

Matt is “one of the good guys” in my book. A true community builder and participator, he’s been a consistently clear voice in the sometimes murky world of WordPress. He doesn’t seem to shout, ever, but what he says, he’s thought about, and is worth reading, or listening to.
Joost de Valk
Founder at Emilia Capital
Matt likes to say he’s “generally helpful since birth” and that’s definitely something I can attest to. Matt’s been a listening ear, generous advice-giver, and co-conspirator over the years, and I’m so glad and grateful to have him in my life.
Lesley Sim
co-Founder of NewsletterGlue
Matt is one of the nicest people in WordPress and brings values and humanity to everything he does, while balancing this against helping businesses to become more successful. His presence in the community truly makes it a better place.
Katie Keith

Giving Back. Building Community. Doing Good.

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