Hi! I’m Matt

I’m Head of Support and Community Outreach at WordImpress. We built the Give Donation Plugin which I’m supremely proud of. I’m also a plugin and theme developer.

I have also dabbled in U.S. history, politics and religion, and music. Most importantly, I’m a father of four, husband to one.

I write about all that stuff 🙂

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Worshipping the god of Redemptive Violence

The belief that violence ”saves” is so successful because it doesn’t seem to be mythic in the least. Violence simply appears to be the nature of things. It’s what works. It seems inevitable, the last and, often, the first resort in conflicts. If a god is what you turn to when all else fails, violence certainly functions as a god. ~ Walter Wink, Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Auburn University

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Church Gay Marriage Rainbow Wedding Cake

Fear Not for Your Tax Exempt Status is With You!

What does it take to get me and my Church-State Guy pen to come out and play again? Well… making gay-marriage legal in all 50 states with one ruling pretty much does it. There’s a lot that has been said everywhere about the ruling itself. But the thing that lingers over a lot of religious…

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I Fear for Nuance

Don’t call Ferguson useless vandalism and violence and then argue that the Boston Tea Party was a revolutionary act of bravery — sean tee (@seantrcy) November 25, 2014 We live in an age of knee-jerk defensiveness. Our words on screen or in person automatically get parceled and packaged into some imaginary camp called far left…

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No Women Objectified WordPress Plugin Screenshot

No Women Were Objectified While Making this Plugin

I have way too many things to fit inside of this little post, so here’s a quick summary of what I want to say: I “adopted” some plugins from the WordPress Repo One is called ImageLens and I really like the approach I took with it But in researching tools for it, I came across…

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HopeLivesProject Logo

Hope Lives Through YOU for the Phillips’

The Hope Lives Project is a site a few of us built for the purpose of rallying around our friends who find themselves in a really tough spot. By tough I mean having to choose between selling their home or discontinuing necessary psychological care for their daughter. It shouldn’t be like this. We are an…

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