My journey as a WordPress business owner
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After years working in the WordPress product business, I wanted to “open source” my insights and tips. My blog, podcasts, and newsletter are all designed to help you build a better WordPress product business.

The latest insights and tips from my writings for WordPress business owners.

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People Saying Nice THings

Matt is kind, has a great sense of humor, and is humble. He is contemplative, patient, and curious. These admirable qualities also make him a great businessperson. The teams he leads have a human-first approach to solving problems and bring a shared sense of purpose to their work.
Zack Katz
Founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin
Matt is a highly-skilled WordPress professional with a deep understanding of the platform and the ecosystem. He has a true talent for understanding industry trends and how his work fits into the future of WordPress. He is passionate about open-source and the WordPress community.
Michelle Frechette
Dir of Community at StellarWP
Matt is one of the nicest people in WordPress and brings values and humanity to everything he does, while balancing this against helping businesses to become more successful. His presence in the community truly makes it a better place.
Katie Keith

Giving Back. Building Community. Doing Good.

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