Matt 2.0

I’m happy to push this new look on my site. I created my old site from scratch and I actually got really good feedback from it. And yes, I’m planning to tidy up the old design and release it as a free theme on the repo (eventually!). But for now, I really felt something was… Read more Matt 2.0

Custom Admin Color Schemes are All the Rage Now!

Sarah Gooding is stalking me… At least that’s the story I’m going with. First she casually referenced my article from last week — which was totally nice and kind. That’s always how these stalker types start, do a kind action just to make initial contact. Now she’s writing on my other admin color scheme ideas. She’s stalking me,… Read more Custom Admin Color Schemes are All the Rage Now!

Seperation of CORPORATION and STATE

image from: Truly, if we want something to be separated from government influence, I don’t believe RELIGION should be first on the list — especially considering how little actual clout and power religious institutions actually have in the U.S. (but don’t worry, I DO believe it should be high on the list). BUT!! I’m… Read more Seperation of CORPORATION and STATE

Doubt and Faith

Just started following “St. Thomas the Doubter” Church because of cartoons like this one! Classic! This is a great illustration of why fundamentalism exists. Somehow, in the midst of all of this division, people want certainty. So new trends evolve in order to provide certainty… but the giant web of divisions increases yearly which adds… Read more Doubt and Faith