You have a voice. Now you need accountability.

If you're like me, you need good people around you to help keep you together. If you don't have those people -- for your own health and success -- find them now.

Who calls you out on your bullsh*t? Particularly when you are an expert in your field, who tells you when you’re just not right? And how well do you listen to them?

If you don’t have that person(s) in your life, what are you doing today to find them?

Even deeper than that: What are you doing to self-reflect on your own attitude about your own opinion? Sometimes your point is lost because of your haughtiness, or over-confidence, or abrasiveness. What are you doing to confront yourself on that?

Some meditate, some journal. Personally I pray, I reflect with my spouse, and I hold myself accountable to several small groups. If you’re like me you need A LOT of accountability to hold it all together. Left on my own, I can be insensitive. I expect and need better from myself.

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