WordPress Gutenberg First Impressions

Gutenberg: First Impressions

Gutenberg is the future of content in WordPress. It will deliver the elegance of Medium but with far more power and flexibility of layouts and content types. Development is already in full swing and you can test it today. What will this mean for users and developers? I believe it opens up lots of new opportunities.

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The Best Way To Check Your WordPress Site for PHP Compatibility

Are you using the PHP compatibility checker to determine which plugins to use on your site? What are its limitations? Let’s talk about it.

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AWP Introduces Content Moderation

Improving Content and Conversation Quality in the AWP Facebook Group

On Monday, April 17, we’ll be implementing the Admin Approved Posts feature of the Advanced WordPress Facebook Group. We discussed over a period of time with all Admins and many members and believe this will greatly improve the value and quality of AWP for everyone.

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The Case for Give

I’m writing this piece as a plea to all the friends, organizations, churches, and individuals I know who are only able to pay their bills by the goodwill of others primarily through online donations. If you are on WordPress and doing donations, stop everything and use Give.

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Keep Calm and Deactivate All Plugins

If You Don’t Know what WP Release Day is, You’re Already Doomed

TODAY is WP Release Day. Sarah “Sassy” Vaughn is just about to hit 10’s of millions of websites. If you manage WordPress websites and have no idea what I’m referring to, you’re already doomed.

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Delayed Admin Notice

Encourage Donations to your Free Plugins with a Delayed Admin Notice

Nudging your free users to donate to your free code is a GOOD idea. But you have to do it right. Do it right with this easy “Delayed Admin Notice” library.

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Matt Cromwell AMA on ManageWP.org

Ask Me Anything at ManageWP.org

Join me at ManageWP.org and Ask Me Anything, this Wednesday, October 26 at 2pm PST.

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The State of WordPress Publishers

In this post Matt chats with Marie Dodson, Brian Krogsgard, and Nathan Weller about the state of WordPress publishing. Read and watch the interview here.

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My Formula for Scaling Our Support

As our “small plugin shop” starts growing into something not so “small” anymore, our Support has to grow as well. So how do you scale Support?

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The New WordPress Plugin Directory and Why It Matters

The WordPress Plugin Directory is getting a facelift which could result in users finding relevant plugins more easily — both there and by Google.

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