A diverse team of people brainstorming over a laptop on a table.

Curiosity and Employee Supervision

How can I learn best from my team without them feeling like I’m judging them as their supervisor? Curiosity is the key.

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A diverse group of people in an encouraging huddle

You have a voice. Now you need accountability.

If you’re like me, you need good people around you to help keep you together. If you don’t have those people — for your own health and success — find them now.

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a clock on a dark grey background

Don’t make time; set priorities

I’ve been working on changing my time management mindset from time-based to priority-based. Here’s what that means to me.

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Contexual Optins with Caldera Forms

Contextual Optins with Caldera Forms

Newsletter optin forms are more compelling when they speak directly to the readers interest. This tutorial shows you how to achieve that with a simple shortcode and Caldera Forms.

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On WordPress Core Updates, Anxiety, and Earning User Trust

When plugin and theme authors, and WordPress Core itself thinks of their own timelines as more important than their users, trust is eroded.

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Tips and Tricks for the WP.ORG Support Forums

Tips and Tricks for Conquering the WP Support Forums

I was honored to speak at WordCamp Los Angeles this weekend, not only to be asked to speak, but also to cover a subject that is near and dear to my heart: The WordPress Support Forums.

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Who and What I’ll Be Following in 2018

2018 will be a big year for WordPress. Here’s my list of top topics and people to be following in 2018 to stay in the know and some of the most influential things happening in WordPress this year.

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The Send System Info plugin for WordPress

Re-introducing: Send System Info

I adopted a plugin which was too good to go into the dark night of “not updated in 2 years”. If you provide Support of any kind, you’ll want to add the “Send System Info” plugin into your Support toolkit.

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Caldera Forms Entries Shortcode

Outputting Caldera Form Entries on the frontend

A simple tutorial on outputting Caldera Form submissions on the frontend.

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What Does Gutenberg Mean for Plugin Authors?

Matt Cromwell recently chatted with plugin authors, page builder authors, and Gutenberg contributors to understand how it impacts the WordPress ecosystem.

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