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Hey! That was a lot of fun last week! It was really nice getting to know some new folks, mostly…

Hey! That was a lot of fun last week! It was really nice getting to know some new folks, mostly via Twitter. I’ve never been a big Twitterer, but I might start leaning on that a bit more now. Folks seemed generally jazzed about CJT, some folks learned about the other plugins as well. It was fun!

But here’s what you REALLY want to hear. Here’s the winners. I’ve obfuscated the email addresses the best I could while allowing the owners of the address to still recognize themselves. Here’s one thing I learned about giveaways: Gather identifiable information so announcing winners is easier! Since I didn’t ask for your twitter handles or first or last names, this is the only consistent information I have to announce the winners with.



If you see your name here, expect an email with your winnings soon. If you don’t — you’re still awesome because you still get email alerts about my blog. Good stuff. Win-win for everyone!

Highlights and Follow-Up

  • Really, if you didn’t check out the demo site I built with CJT, you should. It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
  • If you haven’t checked out CJT yet, you should. And, one feature I didn’t cover last week is the “Packages”. Damian just pushed their Packages site live. It’s basically like a scripts repository that you pull scripts from directly into your CJT backend. Pretty awesome. If you are a JS, jQuery, PHP developer you might want to contribute to the Packages site.


Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible at all without the following awesome and generous developers:

Thanks gang! You guys all do awesome work and benefit the WP community all the time.


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